Canyoning Grmečica

A slippery adrenaline experience in near Lake Bled for nature lovers of all kinds.

Ljubljana | Bled

Highlights on Grmečica Canyoning

  • Superb canyoning adventure near Lake Bled
  • A slippery ride with waterfall jumps
  • Explore the natural world by descending down its treasures

Description of Canyoning Grmečica

Canyoning in Grmečica is a one-of-a-kind experience for lovers of nature who are looking for some extra adrenaline in Lake Bled’s wild outdoors. It’s undemanding, safe, and offers just the right amount of edginess. Wetsuits on and down we go!

An excellent adventure in the picturesque surroundings of Lake Bled can be enjoyed in the steep slippery slopes of Grmečica. Appropriately named “Little Thunder”, this dark canyon offers an incredible experience of following a mountain brook into the gorge’s depths. Leaping down waterfalls included!

The region of Lake Bled is famous for its diverse Alpine landscape and Grmečica is one of its fantastic hidden gems that simply has to be explored. The entire gorge has been carved into an enormous natural toboggan with pools, waterfalls and narrow stone passages. After receiving the necessary safety instructions and gear, your guide will take you on a 30-minute uphill hike to the very top of “Little Thunder”. The 2.5-hour adventure that follows is truly epic. You will descend waterfalls with ropes or leap from an 8 m ledge of one, straight into an emerald pool below. Canyoning in Grmečica is easy and doesn’t require any prior experience. All you have to do is slide, jump and have fun!

What is included in Canyoning Grmečica?

Professional guide
Safety gear
Transfer from Bled

Optional extra charge

Transfer from Ljubljana
60 € per person

What to bring on Canyoning Grmečica?

Bathing suit
A towel
Dry underwear to change
Flex Panda
Oktober 2019
Lots of jumping! It's crazy how beautiful those Slovenian canyons are, I have done 3 so far and each one is different and interesting in its own way.
Chloe Wheeler
Oktober 2019
A fun guide is what this experience is really about, every jump a new joke you guys are crazy! Thank you so much for a fantastic day!
Talia Piers
Oktober 2019
Bled really is an adventure paradise, a week is too little time to try ever activity it has to offer! Coming back next year for more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear for Canyoning Grmečica?

We advise to wear your swimming suit before your arrival to the office. You will get wetsuit so you will not be cold and that is all you need for canyoning!

How many people will be in a canyoning group?

We believe that your experience will be better in smaller groups. Therefore, there will be a maximum of 9 guests per guide.

Who will be our guide?

On our tours you will have professional local guides. Our guides will make sure that you will have expert guiding combined with great fun and memorable experience.

What should I bring with me?

It is best that you eat before the activity and take nothing with you. Let a dry pair of underwear and a towel wait for you in the van.

What in case of bad weather?

We are going to be wet anyway right? :)

Am I fit enough for Grmečica canyoning experience?

Grmecica canyon in most enjoyed by sporty people and people that did canyoning in the past. For most first-timers, Jereka will be a better choice. However, it is not suitable for pregnant women, people with mobility impairments, and non-swimmers. If you have health issues please consult with a guide.

Is the canyoning tour kid friendly?

Children older than 12 years old and higher than 120cm are welcome on the tour.

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