Cooking Class Ljubljana

If you are looking for unique things to do in Slovenia, prepare a traditional Slovenian dish inspired by grandma's recipes.


Highlights on Cooking Class Ljubljana

  • Prepare your own authentic Slovenian meal
  • Taste local wines and spirits
  • Learn about Slovenian traditions and rich cuisine
  • Share the table with other global foodie travellers
  • Create a culinary delights you will gladly share with others

Description of Cooking Class Ljubljana

A hands-on culinary workshop that takes you on a journey through rich Slovenian culinary history along with the most popular traditional dishes.

Get on board of this highly interactive class, where you can actually slice, mix, season and prepare a complete dinner with a local cook, and afterwards sit down and enjoy the meal you’ve just created.

four-course meal, seasoned with humour, homey feeling and Slovenian culinary tradition. Whether you get your hands-on or you just watch as we prepare the feast, you will definitely have some laughs and a lot of good food.

The menu consists of a cold cut appetizer, warm starter, main dish and a dessert. We adjust the menu seasonally, since we always use fresh ingredients from local farms or from the market which is right next door.

No cooking skills are required, suitable for accomplished and novice cooks.

What is included in Cooking Class Ljubljana?

All ingredients
4 course meal
3 glasses of local wine
Shots of Slovenian spirits and liquers

Optional extra charge

3 extra glasses of Slovenian wines
Cooking Class Apron
Slovenian liquers
79 € per person
Nikki S.
Oktober 2019
The company kindly arranged a private cookery class for our family. Children 6 and 8 loved it.
Helen D.
Oktober 2019
Thoroughly enjoyable and surprising – especially the ‘hands-on’ stretching of the pastry dough (desert) and afterwards the eating of beautiful organic produce.
Anna D.
Oktober 2019
This cooking class is a fantastic opportunity to see how the cottage cheese dumplings are made.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be our cooking instructor?

Our cooking classes are taught by one or more of our talented instructors. They are not necessarily professional chefs, but they are all very passionate about cooking, traditional Slovenian food & wine, and very keen to share their passion with you. And we guarantee you will have a great time.

What do I need to bring?

Hardly anything, except your passion for cooking. You will be provided with an apron, as well as all other needed cooking equipment. Wear comfortable clothes. In the interest of your safety, closed toed and rubber soled shoes are recommended. We will send you the recipes via email after the finished class, however if you wish, you can bring a notebook and a pen to take notes in the course of the class.

I don’t cook often. Do I need any special skills to attend the cooking class?

You need no previous cooking experiences. We are here to teach, so from novice to accomplished cooks, you are all more than welcome.

Do you serve wine with the meal?

Yes, our cooking instructor pairs wine with each of our meals, however you can always skip that part if you wish to avoid the alcohol intake.

I have food allergies or preferences, can I join the cooking class?

The cooking class menu is predetermined. We will do our best to make adjustments to the menu so we can meet you needs and you can get the most out of it. Please try to understand that not all meals can be adjusted. We kindly ask you to provide us with your allergies / needs / preferences with the booking form. In case you have life-threatening allergies, it is not recommended to take the class.

I am vegetarian/vegan, will I be able to participate?

Our Cooking Class gladly accommodates vegetarians, just please don’t forget to state your preferences with the booking. We also do our best to accommodate vegans, however we cannot guarantee you will be able to get all the tastings and experience the Cooking Class to the fullest.

Is this culinary workshop suitable for a company's team building?

Most definitely. Since the workshop is highly interactive, we always put the larger groups into teams, which creates camaraderie among the group members or co-workers in this case.

Am I expected to tip?

Tipping is not customary in Slovenia, therefore not required in the class. However, if you had a great time cooking, gratuities are gladly accepted by our instructors.

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