Dinner in the dark

Unique dinner experience in a pitch-black restaurant.


Highlights on Dinner in the Dark

  • Complete darkness
  • Mystery menu prepared by top chef
  • Traditional Slovenian food with a modern twist
  • Challenges in the dark

Description of Dinner in the Dark

We appreciate the look of food, but how often do we really indulge in its taste?

Dinner in the dark offers a unique opportunity to sharpen your senses of taste, smell and touch in a pitch-black room.

Our eyes are our most used sensory organ – we use them for over 80 percent of our perception. When we can’t see, we feel lost. The body compensates by heightening our other senses, giving us the ability to taste in a more profound manner.

Experience the unique feeling of anticipation as you are served a delicious 4-course dinner and try to guess what food you are eating (no slugs, we promise).

Walk away with a new appreciation for the power of your senses.


What is included in Dinner in the Dark?

Welcome Champagne
4-course Mystery Menu
Non-alcoholic drinks

Optional extra charge

3 glasses of wine (15€)
59 € per person


If requirements of minimum guests are not achieved an event can be canceled 24hrs before starting time. However we’ll inform you about an alternative dates or a private upgrade if you still want to have your booking on the reserved date
Ana S.
Oktober 2019
It was an amazing experience. My partner and I enjoyed every moment of it. Food was delicious, wine excellent, service polite and helpful, the atmosphere romantic but also hilarious.
Matej E.
Oktober 2019
I ended up in complete dark room with one of the most unique experiences I ever had.
Yana K.
Oktober 2019
Amongst others get ready to experience the shift of your senses with sharpened smell, taste and of course your hearing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I feel uncomfortable in the dark?

That’s a concern for a lot of guests. We create a calm, serene atmosphere where everyone can relax completely in under 10 minutes.

Is this a guided event?

Yes! Besides the table waiters, there will also be a head waiter whose voice will guide you throughout the dinner.

I have food allergies or preferences, can I join the dinner?

The Dinner in the dark menu is predetermined. We will do our best to make adjustments to the menu so we can meet you needs and you can get the most out of it. Please try to understand that not all meals can be adjusted. We kindly ask you to provide us with your allergies / needs / preferences with the booking form. In case you have life-threatening allergies, it is not recommended to take the dinner.

I am vegetarian/vegan, will I be able to join?

Our Dinner in the dark experience gladly accommodates vegetarians, just state your preferences with the booking. We are currently unable to accommodate vegans, since we believe the experience wouldn't be quite the same.

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