Kayaking Ljubljana

One of the top things to do in Slovenia is exploring Ljubljana on a kayak trip from its marshes to the city center.

10 km

Highlights on Kayak Ljubljana

  • Enjoy the thrills of kayaking safely
  • Spend time beautiful natural surroundings
  • Learn a bunch of fun and useful kayaking techniques

Description of Kayaking Ljubljana

A super enjoyable ‘sit-on-top’ kayaking adventure. This calm and soothing paddling excursion takes you from the lovely Ljubljana Marshes straight to the capital’s centre. An easy kayaking tour suitable for anyone who likes to combine the tranquillity of nature, sightseeing and the excitement of this great water sport.

It’s hard to imagine such a pristine natural environment could be found right on the doorstep of a modern European capital. Well, it can. Not far from where the city limits end, the incredibly green and peaceful Ljubljana Marshes and your kayaking journey begin. We will organize a ride to the starting location from the city centre to where you will later arrive by kayak. The marshes are a swampy wetland, home to an impressive amount of wildlife and the birthplace of civilization in the Ljubljana Basin. Pillar-dwellers used to live here thousands of years ago and the oldest wooden wheel in the world was found here,

You will set off down the Ižica River and paddle towards the Ljubljanica, Ljubljana’s proud and joy. This route is nice and easy, so you’ll have plenty of time to admire the extremely diverse natural surroundings while practicing your kayaking skills. Arriving at the Ljubljanica River, you can encounter an array of various bird species and the cute beaver-like river mammal called coypu or nutria. The route gradually gets an urban feel as you enter the centre of Ljubljana and come to a halt at the concrete embankment appropriately called Špica or ‘point’.

Perfect as a refreshing outdoor activity during warmer months, this kayaking trip is a great way to get a different perspective of the Ljubljana Marshes and the capital’s laid-back riverside. Grab your oars and let’s go!

What is included in Kayak Ljubljana ?

Professional guide
Transfer from Ljubljana center
Life jacket
Kayak and paddle

Optional extra charge

64 € per person
49 € for children

What to bring on Kayak Ljubljana ?

Bathing suit
A towel
Dry underwear to change
Sun protection
Mel White
Oktober 2019
I really like rafting, this is kinda next step cause you are alone in the kayak and everything is more intense. Great ride!
Neil Jackson
Oktober 2019
I have never paddled on a river through a capital city. Amazing perspective to observe architecture and feel the vibe of the city. Perfect way for exploring Ljubljana on hot summer days, when there are crowds on the streets and you are alone on the water.
Sara Strauss
Oktober 2019
It is not as stunning river as Soča, but the idea of paddling through the city is what makes this a unique experience. And few strokes away on the marshes, there is no sign of the civilization anymore, amazing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear for Kayaking Ljubljana?

We advise to wear your swimming suit before your arrival to the office. You will get wetsuit so you will not be cold and that is all you need for kayak!

How many people will be in a kayaking group?

We believe that your experience will be better in smaller groups. Therefore, there will be a maximum of 9 guests per guide.

Who will be our guide?

On our tours you will have professional local guides. Our guides will make sure that you will have expert guiding combined with great fun and memorable experience.

What should I bring with me?

It is best that you eat before the activity and take nothing with you. Let a dry pair of underwear and a towel wait for you in the van.

What in case of bad weather?

Did you know that kayaking if even cooler in rain? That's right, and one of few activities to do in "bad" weather.

Am I fit enough for the kayaking experience?

Kayaking course Ljubljana is suitable for everyone. First you will be shown basics by an instructor. However, it is not suitable for pregnant women, people with mobility impairments, and non-swimmers. If you have health issues please consult with a guide.

Is the kayaking tour kid friendly?

Children older than 12 years old are welcome, but kayaks are designed to be safe only for people higher than 120cm.

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