A great guide makes for a great experience, that is why we only have the best. Meet our team of professional and passionate local guides.

Biking, Hiking, Skiing and Climbing
The most outdoorsy and handy guy on our team, managing everything from booking your hike in the mountains, down to fixing your bike or changing a flat tire while having a blast on his bike tours.
Food tour, Bike tours, Hiking
A world-wide traveller with a long guiding career. If her broad knowledge about Slovenian landmarks, customs and cuisine won’t astound you already, her warm heart and a contagious smile surely will.
An enthusiastic sportsman, thrilled about basketball, hikes and above all, canyoning. He’ll trick you into doing crazy stunts you’ve never thought of doing, but there won’t be a second that you wouldn’t feel completely safe around him.
Ljubljana Photo Tour
An award-winning professional landscape and adventure photographer with published work in National Geographic and Landscape Photography Magazine who often says his aim is to search for the light in the adventure.
Wine tastings and tours
A true king of wine and people’s hearts. There are more than enough reviews you can find online about him, just one sentence wouldn’t do him justice. He is a charming, passionate, fun to be around wine lover-expert, with great affinity for all wines, not just Slovene, so you can also pick his brain about this. His expertise in Slovenian wines, rich culture and witty humor definitely won’t leave you thirsty.
Wine tastings and tours
Tina is our youngest member, but don’t let the youngest part fool you! Her wine knowledge is unparalleled! She will make you fall in love with every single one of the wines as well as with her storytelling with a great big smile on her face. Just sit back and enjoy. :)
Wine tastings and tours
Be taken aback by our Nataša, another great wine expert, and a master in food & wine pairing! You can feel the passion she has for the wines as she explains the history or gets into details about wines. Ask her about her favorite one. We dare you! :)
Wine tastings and tours
Anže is another of our great wine experts, with a background in biotechnical knowledge and once he starts talking about wines, he can go on for hours. His passion for wines really draws you in and he is simply a treat to listen to.
Cooking class, Food tour and Bike tour
A huge gourmet lover and the only person we know in the whole Ljubljana, who never goes anywhere without her bike! Therefore, a local bike expert rider :) She is always eager to learn something new and she will share a tonne of information with you - nothing dull, we promise that :)
Food & Bike tours
Our chillest guide, never in a hurry, making sure you are on one of the best laid back rides in Ljubljana or walking around Ljubljana while tasting Slovenian local dishes! Her knowledge is extensive and you’ll get some really awesome local insights of Ljubljana!
Cooking class
A young chef with an impressive career in restaurants, who absolutely loves to crack jokes all the time. This makes a perfect combination for the kitchen, since his good mood rubs off on people. Igor loves a good challenge, so he can get anyone to feel like a true culinary genius.
Cooking class
His love for food and a great eye for details, make Matjaž a wonderful chef, who has worked with international cuisine but was always inspired by traditional Slovenian flavours as well. His welcoming warm attitude will melt your heart like butter!
Cooking class
Her cooking is one of the most energetic and creative. She has loads of ideas and she really knows how to entertain her guests. A medical student, blessed with a great voice, so there is a good chance you will be able to sing with her while cooking!
Cooking class
A young cooking enthusiast, who otherwise works in a museum, can be your source of information about Slovenia in & out!
Ana Ida
Food tour
Get ready to tour Ljubljana with a smile on your face as she will make you forget about anything else with her contagious smile and energetic vibe! A little encyclopedia on two legs, she is passionate about history and Ljubljana itself, so you are in for a great treat!
Beer tasting
Who better to taste beer with than someone who makes their own? Sašo is a fun and charming know-it-all, who will introduce you to Slovenian beers with a broad smile on his face. A resourceful microbrewer, whose creativity knows no bounds is great company and a source of knowledge.
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