Extreme Caving Bled

A thrilling caving adventure in the secret underground world near Lake Bled.

Ljubljana | Bled
- 50 m

Highlights on Extreme Caving Bled

  • Explore the pristine outdoors of the wider Lake Bled area.
  • Learn a great deal about caving in Slovenia.
  • Engage in exciting techniques for the most authentic caving experience.
  • Minutes from Bled

Description of Extreme Caving Bled

Explore one of the oldest and most remarkable caves in Slovenia by venturing the deepest parts of the cave, closed off to mainstream tourism. It’s a first-hand experience of cave climbing and descending by rope under the watchful eye of professional caving instructors. Located near Lake Bled, this amazing place invites visitors to discover a marvelous world under the surface of Slovenia’s picturesque Alpine region.

Accompanied by a professional guide, you will embark on an hour-long walk along the north-western edge of the Jelovica Plateau through a wooded wilderness. This forested area is also called ‘the rainforest’, as forestry works are forbidden and nature reigns free.

The entrance to the cave under the giant rocky hill called Babji Zob (Hag’s Tooth) has a rock-shelter, perfect for a snack break. It’s here that you will learn the basic techniques of caving in order to tackle the underground terrain that follows. Definitely not suitable for the claustrophobic and fainthearted, but an absolutely safe activity that presents you with a unique opportunity to see the subterranean workings of nature up close and personal.

Descending down the 300-metre underground gallery where you’ll get the chance to put your newly learnt caving techniques to the test. Passing fantastic formations with calcite crystals and rare snail-shaped dripstones, you make your way deeper into the underground by scaling walls with ropes and dangling in the cave’s mysterious abyss. The cave was discovered by chance 200 years ago by a local villager and plenty of new tunnels and passages have been discovered since, allowing you to explore this incredible place to the fullest. While traversing down the slippery formations, you will learn a lot about the cave and the wildlife that lives there.

What is included in Extreme Caving Bled?

Safety equiptment
Helmet with lamp
Safety clothes
Professional guide
Transfer from Bled

Optional extra charge

Transfer from Ljubljana
149 € per person

What to bring on Extreme Caving Bled?

Comfortable sport clothes
Sport shoes
Water bottle
Extra layer
Patrick Bailey
Oktober 2019
It was a first time for me that I did a thing like this. I was quite nervous at the beginning, a bit claustrophobic. But I guess our guide is used to all of that, so he was able to calm me down. And after that first shock, it was amazing. Would do it again actually.
Denny Harper
Oktober 2019
Caving Bled was epic! You get an experience like a proffesional caveman. You get to crawl underneath as well, the only light is your own torch you have. Quite an adrenalin rush, loved it.
Evan Doyle
Oktober 2019
Would say this was quite different from other caves I have visited. With a guide we got to see what we otherwise wouldn't on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear for caving Bled ?

Wear comfortable sport clothes that you don't mind if getting a bit dirty. You will get a protective layer to put through. Mind that inside a cave a temperature is always around 10°C. Wear sport shoes with good grip.

How many people will be in a caving group?

We believe that your experience will be better if the group is smaller, so there will be max 4 guests per guide.

Who will be our guide?

All our tours are guided with a professional local guides that will make sure that you will have great fun.

What should I bring with me?

You don't need much stuff with you, but there is a short hike to the entrance of the cave, so take some water and a snack.

What in case of bad weather?

There is no bad weather in caves :)

Am I fit enough for the extreme caving?

The tour is suitable for people in reasonable fitness condition. You have to fit in a harness (max 110kg) and sometimes you have to squeeze a bit so it is not suitable for people with claustrophobia and pregnant women.

Is the caving tour kid friendly?

The tour is not suitable for children younger than 15 years old.

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