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Paragliding Bled

Feel the freedom of paragliding and experience the magic of Lake Bled from above.


Highlights on Paragliding Lake Bled

  • Jeep ride to the take-off location
  • Spectacular views of Lake Bled
  • Experience something unique
  • Feeling of flying

Description of Paragliding Bled

Paragliding gives you the unique opportunity to soar through the sky like a bird. There’s no feeling quite like it. Besides the liberating sensation of weightlessness, this epically fun activity offers an incredible view of the world below. Especially if that world involves the Slovenian Julian Alps, the Karawanken Mountains and stunning Lake Bled as the crown jewel.

We’ll pick you up in Bled and drive up to the forested Pokljuka Plateau, reaching the take-off location in about 15 minutes. The preparation of equipment begins and the paragliding procedures are explained. After take-off, the phase of thermal lifting ensues, during which adequate flight time is obtained. The optimum time in the air is between 15 and 25 min.
Time up there passes slower than on Earth, so you’re in for a long ride with some unforgettable views. Landing safely, we clean up the paragliding equipment and return to Bled.

Weather permitting, you can go flying on any day of the week, every hour and a half. It’s impossible to determine the exact schedule, as it depends entirely on favourable weather conditions. The weather forecast can be predicted a day or in advance, so a paragliding adventure can be reserved approx. 24 hours prior to take-off.

What is included in Paragliding Bled?

Return transfer to/from Bled
All equipment
Tandem paragliding flight

Optional extra charge

GoPro camera video of your flight
125 € per person

What to bring on Paragliding Bled?

Sport clothes, warm & comfortable (wind jacket)
Sport shoes or hiking boots
Camera with a strap (optional)
Daniel Schechter
Oktober 2019
One of the best highlights of our trip in Slovenia! The weather conditions were perfect and therefore the views were phenomenal. My wife is a bit scared of heights and she felt great all along. We would like to thank our pilots for mesmerizing flight!
Joel Aquino
Oktober 2019
Hands down the greatest thing ever! Klemen is an amazing instructor, made me feel safe and calm all along. I also took the pics at the end and it is a great memory to have.
Yuri Gillman
Oktober 2019
The whole experience was safe, fun and without stress. Not scary at all. 10 out of 10 would recommend it to anyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is paragliding safe?

Paragliding is as safe as driving. All you have to do is follow the guidelines.

Can I go tandem paragliding?

Sure, anyone in reasonable physical condition can go paragliding. However, consulting your doctor for any serious medical conditions is of course highly advisable.

How long does the Paragliding Lake Bled flight take?

10 - 25 minutes, depending on the weather conditions, which includes wind strength and direction and of course on how you react to the experience. The aim is always to have fun and enjoy the ride. If the weather doesn’t hold, we can go for another try later, as long as you’re feeling up to it.

What about height, weight or other restrictions?

The safe minimum weight is 25 kg and the maximum limit is 120 kg (265 lbs). In terms of height, you need to be able to fit comfortably into the harness – approx.130 cm (4 ft 5 in). Paragliding is not suitable for pregnant women.

I’m scared of heights. Does that mean I can’t paraglide?

No, fear of heights is very common and the anxious feeling usually vanishes within seconds of being airborne. Don’t worry, we won’t be jumping off ledges or leaping off cliffs. The experience of paragliding is in fact quite similar to looking out of an airplane window. Except better, because there’s no window. We’ll be more than glad to answer any questions you might have.

How fit do I need to be?

You will have to run for approx. 20 metres during take-off and landing, but that’s pretty much it. If you can handle that, the rest of the experience involves being strapped in a harness and enjoying yourself to the max.

Is paragliding kid friendly?

If they meet the weight requirements and are in reasonable shape, kids are more than welcome to fly. However, a parent or a guardian must be present, participate in the briefing, and must confirm that all safety instructions and regulations have been given and were understood. All underaged (under 18) participants have to present a written consent form their parents or legal guardian.

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