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Climbing Slovenia

Experience a joyful and focused day of climbing in Slovenia accompanied by experienced local guides that will make this experience both safe and fun.
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3 - 5 h
Guided rock climbing for all levels on the stunning crags above Bled Lake.
From: 140€/person
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3 - 6 h
Challenge yourself climbing spectacular ice waterfalls around Slovenia with a guide.
From: 240€/person
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3 - 4 h
The ultimate climbing in Slovenia adventure on the iron paths of Mojstrana.
From: 134€/person
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About Climbing in Slovenia

Slovenia is a small nation, but the locals have always been very passionate about different types of movements through the vast natural wonders in their backyards. One of them is definitely climbing.

Slovenians have been climbing everything from boulders to big mountains for a long time, and that shows. Some of the top competition climbers like Janja Garnbret come from this country, and thousands more are testing their climbing skills on an amateur level.

Climbing in Slovenia can be done in any season and all parts of the country. In summer, most people go rock climbing in one of the countless climbing areas. There are plenty of diverse options to choose from, differing in rock geology, route difficulty, and climate.

If you are too nervous to try rock climbing, you might first want to climb a Via Ferrata. With ultimate safety and epic views, this combination of climbing and mountaineering is becoming more and more popular each year. And no wonder — Climbing up a panoramic wall with the help of iron cables, pegs and steps embedded into the mountain is an experience you never do once and always want more.

Even though rock climbing is still possible in winter, a new opportunity opens up — ice climbing! Although not every winter is the same, you can usually find enough frozen waterfalls in Slovenia to satisfy all the potential climbers. You just have to know the right people to show them to you.

Climbing in Slovenia is for everyone. The climbing scene in the country is so diverse that with the right guidance, everyone can find a route for themselves. Beginners will learn the basics and improve their climbing skills when going climbing with an experienced guide. Even intermediate and more experienced climbers will be happy being accompanied by a local guide, especially because they are not familiar with the routes here. The guide will help them find their perfect challenge and maybe even show them a trick or two.

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