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About Ljubljana

The best place to start any adventure is in the heart of things, and there is nothing quite as central, both geographically and culturally, as Slovenia’s capital.

Like the country itself, Ljubljana is small, green and exceptionally charming. It’s a vibrant city with just the right measure of cosiness. The Old Town centre is brimming with history, culture and attractions. Finding something interesting to see and do in Ljubljana is very easy indeed. Bridges, boat rides down the river, lovely parks, colourful markets, museums, restaurants, and a castle on a hill overlooking it all – Ljubljana has you covered. 

Sure, Ljubljana can be a perfect holiday destination on its own, but with the open countryside only a stone’s throw away, why limit yourself? You can reach anywhere in Slovenia within a couple of hours, making daytrips from Ljubljana extremely convenient. Besides the numerous activities available in or close to Ljubljana, like cycling in the nearby marshes, mountain biking or horse riding in the outskirts of town, fantastic places can be visited and adventures had in the wider surrounding area. There’s hiking across Velika Planina, an Alpine plateau with its authentic shepherds’ huts. One of the best ski resorts in the country, Krvavec, is right on Ljubljana’s doorstep and can be enjoyed till quite late in the season. Another awesome option is exploring Slovenia’s subterranean world by going cave kayaking and cave cycling. Transfers to other Slovenian towns are cheap, frequent and quick, which is why Ljubljana is undeniably the most optimal springboard destination.

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