Ski Touring Slovenia

Experience freedom on the untouched mountain slopes of Slovenian in winter.

Ljubljana | Bled
5 - 10 km
400 -800 m

Highlights on Ski Touring

  • Reach the white mountains inaccessible on foot
  • Ski untouched snow
  • Get away from crowds
  • Learn about avalanche safety

Description of Ski Touring

Ski touring is a rewarding combination of hiking and skiing and a next level activity for winter. The alpine touring skis enable you to walk on soft snow, where we would normally struggle to walk with regular shoes and gives you the opportunity to slide in your step, thus moving faster and easier than on foot. Ski touring opens up new options to traverse snowy terrains, which would otherwise be inaccessible, and allows you to experience the pure and wild slopes of the snow-clad Alps.

Skiing on fresh snow is considered one of the best outdoor experiences and is highly addictive, making it a perfect activity for adrenaline junkies. Snow conditions are very specific and can change daily, that is why an experienced specialized guide will decide which tour will be the safest and most enjoyable for your previous knowledge and experience.

First, we will drive to the mountains, check the equipment and have a safety briefing which will include the route planned for the day. There will be roughly a minimum of 3 hours walking, including breaks, up to the top. During the ascent, the guide will also demonstrate tests of hardness and stability of the snow, teach you about avalanche safety and all in all, make sure you get familiar with the mountain and snow conditions. After reaching the top, there will be another equipment check and off you go!

Skiing down the mountain will last approximately an hour and it will be the most rewarding part of the tour, as you will feel the exhilarating lightness of moving across the untouched slopes of these giants resting in the winter.

The tour will be wisely chosen by an experienced guide, according to the weather, snow conditions and level of experience of participants. You can be a beginner in tour skiing but have to be comfortable skiing on red piste and be able to hike for 4 hours.

What is included in Ski Touring?

Transfer from Bled
Transfer from Ljubljana
Professional guide

Optional extra charge

Rent of equipment (skis, skins, boots, poles)
Rent of avalanche safety gear (beacon, shovel, probe)
129 € per person

What to bring on Ski Touring?

Warm sport clothes
Insulated layer
Warm socks
Windproof jacket
Water resistant gloves
Water bottle
Sunglasses or ski goggles
Water-resistant pants
Backpack 25-30l
Tibor Mutjibs
Oktober 2019
Hi, if you want to see the Slovenian Alps in this way, you should try the ski tourring here. The routes were just right difficult, equipment was is very good. I enjoy my time so much. Thanks guys for this adventure!!
Lewis Watson
Oktober 2019
I’ve never been ski touring, so this was a new challenge for me. The guide was extremely friendly and helpful in choosing the right terrain. Amazing countryside too. I highly recommend it!
Ethan John
Oktober 2019
We went on a ski tour with the family before, but this experience was really special. We had lots of fun on the trails the guide showed us and we even learned a lot about avalanche safety. Slovenian mountains are so beautiful, we are definitely coming back next year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear for Ski Touring?

It is important that your clothes are comfortable. Depending on snow conditions, it can be wet, so water resistant clothes are recommended. You can always leave excess clothes in the van after consulting with our guide.

What happens in the event of bad weather?

The tour is flexible and an alternative location can be suggested. If there are no snow or the weather is not good enough for the tour, it can be postponed or you will be fully refunded.

How many people will be in a group?

We believe that your experience will be better in smaller groups. Therefore, there will be a maximum of 8 guests per guide.

Am I fit enough for Ski Touring Slovenia?

The tour is flexible and it can be adjusted to your preferences, skills and fitness. It can be your first time ski touring, but not the first time skiing - you should be comfortable skiing on red piste and in shape for walking for a few hours.

Who will be our guide on ski touring?

All our tours are guided with a professional local guides that will make sure that you will have great fun.

Is the tour kid friendly?

Children from 12 years old are welcome but have to be decent skiers. Please consult with a guide beforehand. The smallest shoe size we have is 37.

What should I bring with me on Ski Touring?

Bring enough water, some snacks and sunscreen or other sun protection. Also bring trekking poles if you have them and a medium sized backpack.

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