Underground Boat Adventure

Join a wonderful boat expedition deep underground in Karst Slovenia.

4-5 h
89 € / Person
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  • Take a boat ride deep into the Planina Cave.
  • Paddle through a labyrinth of passages and stunning underground hall & chambers.
  • Feel the serenity of this underground watery maze and enjoy every splash.
  • Get to know home to 60 aquatic and 40 terrestrial animal species.
  • Location of the Cave is right next to Postojna. Visit with boats, which lasts 4–5 hours and is only possible when the water level is low.

Included in price

protective suit
professional guide


Transfer from Ljubljana
Transfer from Bled

Meeting location, pickup location and time

Imagine this: You’re in a boat. Underground. The impeccable silence is broken only by the water dripping from ancient dripstones, animal chatter, the occasional splash of your paddle as you make your way into the subterranean world, and the voice of your guide unlocking the mysteries of this extraordinary place. Sounds poetic and appealing? That’s because it is.

Clean, unspoilt, diverse caves and water systems is what Slovenia is famous for, and on this unique boat trip you get to explore both within the confines of the magical Planina Cave. It boasts remarkable biodiversity and is home to 60 aquatic and 40 land species. Among them is the endemic cave-dwelling aquatic salamander known as the olm or "human fish" (Proteus anguinus). Planina Cave has the largest population of these bizarrely beautiful creatures roaming its depths. Spectacular!

Other special features of the cave include a variety of chambers, numerous underground lakes and impressive rock formations. Located right next to Postojna, the Planina Cave is almost seven kilometres long and believed to be the largest water cave in Slovenia. Check it out for yourselves!


Frequently Asked Questions

I am a single traveller, how can I book?

Don’t worry, just drop us a line in our inbox. We will do our best to try and find you some company, so if you are flexible in your travel dates, let us know as well. Do you want a private trip? No problem, we got you covered too.

When can I go to Underground boat adventure?

Our Underground boat adventure is available 7 days a week, all-year-round. It lasts approximately 4 hours, with the recommended starting time between 08:00 and 12:00

What do I need to take with me?

As the mine has a constant temperature of 10 °C, visitors are encouraged to wear appropriate clothing and walking or hiking shoes. The rest of the kayaking and safety equipment will be provided onsite.

Do I need any prior experience to go Underground boat adventure?

No. You’ll be accompanied by a professional guide who will lead you safely down the underground world. All you have to do is paddle and enjoy the ride.

Is it suitable for children?

Children older than 10 years old are welcome on the tour as long as they are accompanied by a parent.
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Andraz Jereb
It was a first time for me that I did a thing like this. I was quite nervous at the beginning, a bit claustrophobic. But I guess our guide is used to all of that, so he was able to calm me down. And after that first shock, it was amazing. Would do it again actually.
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