Wine Tasting Bled

A delightful Wine Tasting experience near the world-famous Alpine jewel of Lake Bled


Wine Tasting's Highlights

  • Taste 7 Slovenian wines of the highest quality from all three wine regions
  • Learn about Slovenia’s winemaking tradition and experience its excellence with every drop
  • Enjoy the remarkable ambient of an ancient wine cellar
  • Mingle with other wine enthusiasts, create special memories and have a fantastic time

About Wine Tasting Bled

Wine and Slovenian culture are inseparable. Long before our ancestors settled this part of the world, the Celts had already begun cultivating wine around 2,500 years ago. But it wasn’t just ancestral know-how that contributed to winemaking becoming the extraordinary phenomenon it is today. Slovenia has a very diverse landscape and unique mixture of microclimates that allow it to supply exceptionally high-quality wines. Nowadays, out of the 80 million liters produced annually, only 6 million liters are exported. The rest is enjoyed within Slovenia’s borders. Why? Because it’s just so good. And you don’t have to take our word for it. Join Wine Tasting Ljubljana and find out for yourself!

Slovenia is divided into three very productive winemaking regions, each with its own list of unique characteristics that turn their products into an amazing blend of flavors you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Bled has been a popular tourist destination for centuries. Its picture-perfect location offers unforgettable day trips, outdoor activities, and of course the opportunity to taste some wine. By joining our Wine Tasting you’ll get the chance to taste 7 of the best Slovenian wines from different winegrowing regions. And you’ll be able to do so in a 100-year-old wine cellar located near a world-famous glacial wonder. What could possibly be better?

Our expert English-speaking sommelier will lead you down the thrilling path of tasting a selection of Slovenia’s best wines. You’ll learn a bunch of interesting facts and unlock the secrets of Slovenia’s deeply respected winemaking tradition. And you won’t be alone. You’ll be able to share this amazing experience with other local and foreign wine tasters. Remember, the best stories are always told and unforgettable memories made over a glass of wine!

By the end, you’ll be a full-fledged wine expert and will receive a certificate for becoming an ambassador of Slovenian wines to prove it. We guarantee that you’ll leave our Wine Tasting experience with a fresh knowledge of this blissful beverage, a list of new acquaintances, a souvenir, and most importantly – a smile.

What is included in Wine Tasting Bled?

7 top Slovenian wines
Presentation by a wine expert
Delicious appetizers
Certificate of a Slovenian Wines Ambassador

Optional extra charge

Local chocolates for wine pairing
2 extra wine samples
39 € per person
Stewart O.
Oktober 2019
We learnt a lot about the wine regions of Slovenia and really felt like we were provided with a wide sampling selection.
Wael B.
Oktober 2019
Fun, educational and filled with laughter. Boris’ passion is captivating!
Emily B.
Oktober 2019
We were blown away by the orange wine and the oldest wine in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this tasting for?

Anyone really(of the age 18 or over, of course). Our Wine Tasting is perfect for both novice and expert wine tasters. The only thing that’s required is the desire to relax, drink some wine, and enjoy the ride.

Should I swallow or spit out the tasted wine?

It is absolutely acceptable to swallow the tasted wine. We are sure you will love all the tastings, so you are not compelled in anyway to spit out the wine. However, if you are trying to control your alcohol intake, it is not considered offensive or rude if you decide to spit your wine out into a spittoon.

How much wine do I get?

Our Wine Tasting includes a tasting of 7 best Slovenian wines, each of those standard tasting serving is about 50ml.

Can I buy the wines I've tried?

Absolutely. You can buy all the wines right after the wine tasting. If you are afraid you won't have enough space in your suitcase, we can also send it to you!

Will I also try orange wine?

Of course, there is no escaping the tasting of orange wine.

Is the wine selection always the same?

No. As we are a group of wine lovers, we are always striving to show you the best wine, so that you get the most of it. Hence, today you try one selection, next year a completely different one :)

I don’t eat gluten or am vegetarian, do you provide appetizers for me too?

Our appetizers are intended for all, also gluten-free (gluten-free snacks, cheese, olives, dry fruit, ham) or vegetarian (ham free).

Can I try more than 7 samples of wine?

Yes, we also have the option of 2 extra samples to try. You can book it while making the reservation or at the time of the tasting, just ask our sommelier.

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