Underground biking Slovenia

A unique cycling adventure down the underground tunnels of subterranean Slovenia.

Ljubljana | Bled
5 km
15 m

Highlights on Cave Cycling

  • Travel to one of the most picturesque regions of Slovenia and enter the mouth of a legendary mountain.
  •  Cycle down the underground tunnels of an abandoned mine.
  • Try mountain biking in a completely different way.* Closed on Sundays and Mondays until the 31st of March.

Underground mountain biking Slovenia

Slovenia’s wonderfully diverse landscape offers a wide array of cycling adventures. The country is criss-crossed with fantastic urban and rural cycling paths and mountain biking routes. But what if we told you that cycling doesn’t have to be limited to trails aboveground?

Sure, mountain bikes are meant for the slopes of hilly and forest-covered terrain, but let’s take this sport up a level. Or down, to be precise. Thanks to its rich mining history, the incredibly picturesque region of northern Slovenia called Koroška (Carinthia) is as captivating below as it is above. Once such a place is the subterranean world of Koroška’s beautiful Mount Peca. According to legend, the mountain is home to a slumbering king, who will one day awaken to bring prosperity to the land. Myths aside, the underground realm of Mount Peca is fascinating to explore and to do so on a bike is truly an epic experience.

Our adventure begins at the entrance to an old abandoned mine. A guide will then lead you down 5 km of the mountain’s mysterious underground tunnels which lead to another valley on the other side. Besides cool mountain bikes, you’ll also receive helmets fitted with flashlights. The path runs through secure tunnels with an elevation rise of only about 15 m, which means an easy ride awaits. That said, the mine’s former railway has left plenty of potholes to guarantee a bumpy and exciting experience. All you have to do is hold on, marvel at the underground passages, and enjoy the ride!

What is included in Cave Cycling?

Rent of mountain bike
Helmet and head light
Professional guide

Optional extra charge

Transfer from Ljubljana
Transfer from Bled
45 € per person

What to bring on Underground biking Slovenia?

Comfortable warm sport clothes
Sport shoes
Water bottle
Extra layer
Glen Ward
Oktober 2019
Oh wow, I never would've imagined that you can ride a bike under the ground! This was unforgettable. Slovenia really hides an endless list of epic things to do. Go and try this!
Renee Hart
Oktober 2019
I went on a bike trip with these guys and it was amazing, so I decided to take cave cycling with them also. This is certainly a unique experience.
Noel Scott
Oktober 2019
At first I was a bit frightened, but the guide was very grounded and made sure I felt safe. Now I am thrilled over this cave activity and I want to return to do it again.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I do Underground mountain biking in Slovenia?

Our Cave Kayaking adventure is available 7 days a week, all-year-round. It lasts approximately 4 hours, with the recommended starting time between 08:00 and 12:00

What do I need to take with me?

As the mine has a constant temperature of 10 °C, visitors are encouraged to wear appropriate clothing and walking or hiking shoes. The rest of the kayaking and safety equipment will be provided onsite.

Do I need any prior experience to go Cave Cycling?

No. You’ll be accompanied by a professional guide who will lead you safely down the underground world. All you have to do is paddle and enjoy the ride.

Is it suitable for children?

Children older than 10 years old are welcome on the tour as long as they are accompanied by a parent.

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