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Truffle Hunting Slovenia

Join the hunt for the most exclusive mushroom on the planet in the forests of Slovenian Istria.


Highlights on Truffle Hunting Slovenia

  • Venture into the Istrian forest for a first-hand experience of truffle-hunting.
  • Learn about truffles and the way they’re harvested.
  • Go on a relaxing trip to the Slovenian countryside
  • Take part in a wonderful tradition.

Description of Truffle Hunting Slovenia

They’re incredibly intoxicating, exceptionally tasty, super healthy, very expensive, and ridiculously hard to find. We’re talking about truffles, of course! Synonymous with luxury and fine dining, truffles are nature’s wonderful little secrets. These miraculous mushrooms were praised by the Romans for their alluring aroma and aphrodisiac properties. Unaspiringly, Italy is still the largest producer of truffles in Europe. Today, truffles are one of the most precious ingredients in the culinary world. Literally. A pound of white truffles can set you back $2,000 and beyond. Why? Because not only are they delicious, they’re extremely difficult to locate and only grow near the roots of certain trees and in a particular type of soil. Luckily, Slovenia is also home to these diamonds of gastronomy.

Besides the term for this famous fungi, Slovenia and neighbouring Croatia share something else that was coined in Roman times – the name for the beautiful peninsula called Istria. Situated near the Adriatic, the forests of Istria’s idyllic countryside are hunting grounds for both white truffles (in winter) and black truffles (in summer). That’s right, you have to hunt them. Truffles are virtually impossible to cultivate, as they grow wherever they please. Back in the day, pigs were used to search for truffles, but they had a nasty habit of eating them as quickly as they found them. That’s why specially trained dogs are employed by professional truffle hunters who know exactly where to look.

Now you can join one of these experts and their canine companion on a Truffle Hunting expedition in the wonderful forests of Istria. Our guide’s dogs are trained from puppyhood to hunt for this elusive mushroom and witnessing their skills at work is truly amazing. Along the way, you will learn an astonishing amount about the world’s most prized mushroom and the lush forests in which it resides. Come and learn the truffle-sniffing trade and hunt until you find the grand prize.

Let the hunt begin!

What is included in Truffle Hunting Slovenia?

Guidance by an expert truffle hunter
Informational walk in the forest

Optional extra charge

Transfer from your location
84 € per person

What to bring on Truffle Hunting Slovenia?

Comfortable clothes
Sport shoes or hiking boots
Water bottle
Leo Poirson
Oktober 2019
Beautiful countryside, reminded us of Tuscany, but it was Slovenia! Our guide was very professional and she knew everything about truffles and her cute dog found them! Amazing experience.
Jonathan Garcia
Oktober 2019
My wife and I had a great time! It was easy going, history of truffle hunting was explained very well and we have enjoyed ourselves a lot! Thank you so much!
Cam Zhou
Oktober 2019
Nice way to spend a day in the nature and to learn lots of interesting facts about Slovenia and truffles. Definitely recommend.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear for Truffle Hunting Slovenia?

Wear comfortable clothes and sport shoes or hiking boots, since we will be walking through forest trails.

How many people will be in a group?

We believe that your experience will be better if the group is smaller, so there will be max 8 adults per guide.

Who can join a Truffle Hunt?

Anyone who enjoys the outdoors and wants to learn something new about the world’s most exquisite mushroom.

When can I go Truffle Hunting?

Truffle Hunting is available all-year-round. The exact time is set upon reservation.

Can I take truffles home?

Unfortunately not, but you can try them at our truffle-infused Istrian lunch, if you decide to extend your tour.

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Location & time

  • Location - near Koper (about an hour drive from Ljubljana)
  • Detailed location information are sent upon reservation
  • Truffle Hunting time is flexible, to be set upon reservation

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