Hot Air Balloon Bled

Discover the beauty of Lake Bled and the Alpine world on this hot air balloon adventure.

4 - 5 h

Highlights on Hot Air Balloon Bled

  • Explore Bled from a different perspective
  • Try something new
  • A unique experience

Description of Hot Air Balloon Bled

Have you ever wondered how insanely beautiful Lake Bled must look from above? Wonder no more. Here’s your chance to find out in the best possible way – by hot-air balloon!

As hot-air balloons rely solely on the wind, it’s difficult to predict exactly where our adventure in the sky will begin, so a take-off point will be arranged a day or two in advance. But don’t worry, although these change daily, we have plenty of options to make sure you don’t miss out on the main highlights.

Arriving at our take-off zone, you can also take part in the balloon preparations. After approximately 20 minutes, everything is set and we’re off. Our flight path will take us over the wonderful Bled Castle perched proudly on top of its glorious cliff. The sight of stunning Lake Bled is memorizing, so get ready to be amazed. We then drift on towards the town of Bled and neighbouring towns of Lesce and Radovljica. As we float around softly, the views of our surroundings take us into a world that can only be described as magical. Triglav National Park is stretched out in front of us and the majestic Julian and Karavanke Alps rise up in the background like giant reminders of nature’s powerful splendour. The Sava river Valley with its tiny villages only adds to the scenic flight, as the lush forests of Jelovica Plateau greet us with their peaceful presence.

After about an hour, the pilot lands the balloon safely and the ground crew begins packing our transport vehicle away. This is followed by a traditional Balloon Ceremony with a glass of premium Slovene sparkling wine. Like in the days of old, when only a select few could travel by hot-air balloon, you will be awarded a Certificate of an Honourable Baroness or Baron, before being taken back to Bled for a traditional kremšnita cream cake and coffee.

What is included in Hot Air Balloon Bled?

Transfer from your location in Bled
1 hour flight
English speaking balloon pilot
Glass of champagne, coffee or tea
200 € per person

What to bring on Hot Air Balloon Bled?

Sport clothes (be comfortable)
Water bottle

Location & time

  • to be set after confirmation
Talk to our travel expert
Bled is stunning on its own, but this is one of the lifetime moments you should not miss! Our flight was on a clear-sky day, so the sunrise was just perfect and great views of the lake, the castle and other surroundings. Hard to describe with words how you feel above everything in absolute silence in peace. The team is proffesional and so warm and welcoming. Highly recommended.
Paulo de Groot
This is definitely worth every cent! We got a real VIP treatment. Our pilot and the rest of the crew were amazing and everything run smoothly. Seriously, flying over Bled is something you need to experience once in your lifetime.
Carolyn Andersen
We booked it a day before and got confirmed the weather is good. The balloon ride was amazing. Grega described everything to us, we felt confident and safe. They provide us with coffee and champange at the end. Amazing views. Loved it.
Sophia S. Whitlam

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we fly early in the morning?

Early mornings offer the best conditions for hot-air balloon flying, since the air is cold and stable. During the warmer part of the day, the sun heats the air above which causes thermal activity and more unstable air, meaning unstable flying. However, in the mornings, the coldest part of the day, the hot-air balloon inflates and launches easily, while stable air offers much calmer flying. Besides, watching the sunrise from way up high is especially beautiful.

How long can the balloon stay in the air?

Hot-air balloons usually carry enough fuel to fly for about 1-2 hours, however the air temperature, the carrying weight in the basket and weather conditions influence the flight’s duration. We try to get about an hour up in the air with each flight.

Will it get colder up in the air?

Actually, it won’t. The coldest part of the experience is at the launch, in the layer of cold air that sets on the ground during the night. Once we are above this layer of cold air, temperature rises and the flight should be quite comfortable for you. You won’t even feel the wind, because the balloon moves with it.

I’m afraid of heights, can I join the flight?

The experience of flying in a hot-air balloon is much different to standing on a roof or a really high bridge. It will feel like solid ground beneath your feet, so you won’t get the vertigo feeling. As we will be propelled by the wind currents, you won’t even feel the wind blowing. The balloon basket does not swing or rock and is completely safe.

Will my flight get cancelled in the case of bad weather?

We always put your safety first and if we decide the weather is not suitable for flying, your flight will be cancelled. In that case, you will receive a cancellation notification and we will try to reschedule your flight to another day. If you are unable to reschedule the flight, we offer a full refund.

Where will we land?

We can’t give you an exact answer, as the landing site depends on the aforementioned wind conditions. Our pilot will carefully plan the wind forecast before the launch, to ensure that the wind doesn’t take the balloon to an unsuitable landing area. He will use different air currents to steer the balloon towards a good landing spot, so our landing will be safe and smooth. We will land in a field or a meadow and we have agreements with the landowners to use their properties.

How do we get back to the take-off location?

The ground crew follows the balloon's path. The pilot is in constant contact with the crew and they should arrive at the landing location at roughly the same time. We will take you back to the take-off location (or your own) right after the balloon is packed.

How high do hot air balloons fly?

We normally fly at an altitude between 50 and 500 meters (160–1700 feet), which is the best height for nice views and taking pictures, but it all depends on the weather conditions.

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