Rafting Slovenia

Join us on an adventure of whitewater rafting in Slovenia, where clean rivers winding their way through the diverse countryside are perfect to raft on.
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Our team of local people with vast experience has cherry picked the best things to do in Slovenia for all sorts of travellers.
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We have expert local guides who not only know the best places, but are great to be around and will go the extra mile for you.
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We handle route planning, transportation, accommodation and anything else you prefer not to deal with and offer 24 hour support.
Small groups
Enjoy faster and smoother travel with more time to enjoy the sights in the company of up to 8 like-minded people

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We make sure your money is safe with us and we offer 100% money back guarantee.
Jessie Adams
This is more pure experience than regular rafting. There were only 3 of us in the raft and the guide separate. Necessary to work together. Big like.
Lukas Lake
I know everybody always talks about Soča rafting, but if you are staying in Bled this comes so handy. Its great fun and so beautiful, definitely worth spending

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