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Top Tips for Travelling to Slovenia by Plane

Tom Smith
Published: 13/07/2020
Updated: 11/27/2020

Planning a trip to a new country can be both exciting and daunting. There are lots of different options available and it is not always clear which ones are the best match for you. Do you save money and go for the longer transfer? Or spend a bit more and have more time at your destination?

In this blog we will help you answer such questions and give you some top tips for planning your journey to this spectacular country. Below we will cover all possible air travel options and provide you with some time and money saving tips.

Arriving by air

Airport Parking

Parking at the departure airport is something that is often overlooked or left until last minute when booking a holiday. This is a mistake as airport car parking can be both expensive and stressful and is the last thing you need before starting your trip! If you are unable to take a train or bus instead, plan ahead and ensure that you find the best price and have a parking space waiting for you when you arrive.

A great way to achieve this is to use a comparison website, such as Parkhero for UK travellers. These sorts of websites help you easily find the best value deals at your departure airport by showing you all possible options and ranking them by price. Say you are looking for parking near Manchester Airport, simply enter your travel dates and filter by the sort of services you are looking for and in less than 5 minutes you will have a fantastic value booking. Simply use a search engine and search for ‘compare airport parking at … airport’ for your country to find a similar website.

Choosing a destination airport

It may seem logical to fly directly to Slovenia’s only airport near Ljubljana to begin your trip, but this can limit you in terms of flight choice, and luckily, there are a few more options just nearby.

Ljubljana Airport

Brnik Airport Ljubljana
Brnik Airport Ljubljana

Ljubljana’s Jože Pučnik Airport is 24 km north of the city and is the country’s main international airport. It has some great budget flight options with carriers including easyJet, Transavia and Wizz Air.

As it is so close to the city, there are fantastic public transport links, as well as private transfer options. If you are travelling beyond Ljubljana you will also easily find connections to destinations across the country. Your options:

  • Public Bus – offers the cheapest transfer at around €4 for a single ticket and takes approximately 50 minutes to reach the city bus station running on the hour
  • Private Transfershuttle from Ljubljana to airport is a great option for groups as there is a charge per person from around €12 upwards and takes just 20 minutes to the city centre
  • Taxi – take around 20 minutes to the city and costs between €30 and €35 but make sure to agree the price beforehand
  • Car Hire – great option if you plan to explore the country further but make sure to book in advance

Klagenfurt Airport

This airport in southern Austria is very close to the Slovenian border and is a great choice if you are planning to explore the northern mountainous region of Slovenia. It is also the nearest option to Bled and its stunning lake. The airport is served by easyJet, Transavia, and Eurowings providing flights from London, the Hague, Cologne and Berlin.

Your transfer options:

  • Private transfer – check out if your agency offers transfer options which for both Ljubljana and Bled. One way trip takes around 90 mins
  • Train – walk 7 minutes to Klagenfurt Annabichl station and catch the train to Ljubljana from €9 taking around 160 minutes or Bled from €9 taking around 200 minutes
  • Taxi – book in advance for taxi transfers of between €90 and €130 to Ljubljana
  • Car Hire – most convenient option, especially if you want to explore more than one location

Graz Airport

Another airport in southern Austria, perfect for visits to Maribor and the surrounding region. It is a popular airport with skiers in the winter and is served by easyJet, KLM, Lufthansa and Eurowings. Destinations from this airport include Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt and Zurich.

Your transfer options:

  • Private Transfer - check out your agency offers transfer options which for Ljubljana take around 120 minutes and transfers to Maribor take about 60 minutes
  • Train – take the S5 from the airport to Graz Hpf and Maribor from €9 taking around 60 minutes and Ljubljana from €14 taking around 240 minutes
  • Car Hire – most convenient option, especially if you want to explore more than one location

Trieste Airport

Just over the border in Italy, Trieste Airport is a convenient option for the southern part of Slovenia and Ljubljana. The airport is served by Alitalia, Ryanair and Lufthansa with destinations including London, Rome, Frankfurt and Valencia.

Your transfer options:

  • Bus – take the Flixbus directly from the airport to Ljubljana from €8 taking around 90 minutes
  • Train – direct from the airport to Ljubljana once daily from €10 taking about 180 minutes
  • Car Hire – most convenient option, especially if you want to explore more than one location
  • Private Transfer – contact our Slovenia Activities customer support team for customised private transfer option.

So there you have it, your most convenient air links to Slovenia. Keep in mind that you can easily make extra savings on your flights and transfers by booking in advance. You then have more budget to take part in our many different activities!

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