Water Adventure in Slovenia – Canyoning & Rafting

Canyoning & Rafting are one of the most exciting things to do in Slovenia. Taking part in these two water sports will give you an adrenaline kick, beautiful views, and unforgettable moments.
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Blog Published May 13, 2022
Edited March 28, 2024

What is canyoning?

This sport involves traversing wild, dangerous rivers and canyons using techniques from caving, climbing, and diving. When canyoning, you are in contact with nature and its wild elements.

The sport includes activities like swimming, jumping, and rapelling. You will also encounter various waterfalls, gorges, and even caves. For sure, this sport is exciting and full of adrenaline. 

Traversing river

How to prepare for canyoning?

The canyoning should be a safe experience. It is worthy to prepare for it before. Firstly you should test your skills in swimming. Then, when you feel comfortable with this activity, you should book a trip with an instructor and an organized group. Going with a company provides you a safe trip, and all necessary equipment, which is obligatory for canyoning – a neoprene suit, boots, gloves, helmet, climbing harness, ropes, hooks, and hammers. Remember that canyoning is incredible, but a demanding sport. 

History of canyoning

Canyoning is a young sport. The first canyoning expedition was when Edouard Alfred Martel traversed the Abîme de Bramabiau cave in 1888.  

At first, canyoning was a niche sport. But in the 1970s, it started to be described in books and specialized brochures. Thanks to this, canyoning has become a more popular and accessible sport. A commission for canyoning – Commission Canyon – was established in 1988.

Traversing waterfalls

Where is the best place for canyoning in Slovenia?

In Slovenia, canyoning is practiced mainly in two places – Soča Valley and Bled & Bohinj area. 

For beginners, a good choice is a canyoning in Bled & Bohinj. There are two amazing places that attract fans of thrills. The first of these is Jereka. Canyoning Jereka is easy, takes 3-4 hours, and is family-friendly. Even 7-year-old children can partake in the water adventure. 

The second place for an adrenaline filled adventure is Grmečica, also called “Little Thunder”. The difficulty level of Canyoning in Grmečica is intermediate, the whole route takes 3-4 hours. This place is known for its narrow stone passages, natural toboggan with pools, and waterfalls. 

Canyoning Grmečica

If you want to get to know the surroundings in addition to the canyoning experience – it is worth going on Canyoning Bled with a trip to Bohinj Lake.

The Soča Valley is one of the most beautiful places on earth for canyoning. You can experience an adrenaline sport in two places in this magical land – Sušec and Fratarica. Canyoning Sušec is easy and takes 3 hours. It is the best place for challenging yourself by jumping from different heights. 
Canyoning Fratarica is more complicated, the level of difficulty is intermediate, and the whole route takes you 4 hours. The main attraction is a slide down of a 48-meter waterfall that gives you an unforgettable experience. If you would like to see the breathtaking surroundings in addition to the thrilling water adventure, you should go on Canyoning Fratarica with a trip through the Julian Alps.

Canyoning Sušec

What is rafting?

Rafting is an extreme water sport that requires descending down a river or a stream with a team in an inflatable boat. Because it requires good teamwork, it is a really good option for teambuilding. On a raft boat, you need to be focused and react quickly. That is a great exam for all your sensors! Whatsmore, all the time you are surrounded by pristine nature.

Rafting Slovenia

How to prepare for rafting?

To feel confident on a raft, you need to be familiar with water. Before the rafting trip, it is worth swimming in open basins to get used to the water. You also need to get used to the idea that during the rafting you may capsize. It is worth preparing mentally for such an eventuality to avoid panicking in the water. Fortunately, when starting rafting with an instructor, you will be equipped with a life jacket and helmet, and informed about different rafting techniques and ways to cope with difficult situations.  

Rafting Team

Where to go rafting in Slovenia?

Bled Rafting on the Sava River is a good choice for first contact with this sport. The route is easy and is ten kilometers long, and takes about 1.5 hours to complete. On top of that, you have the chance to spend time on one of the most important rivers in the whole country. The Sava River starts in the Julian Alps and flows through four countries before it discharges into the Danube. In terms of its natural diversity, it is the largest salmon habitat in Europe. 

Rafting in Bohinj is also a good option for beginners, where you go rafting on the upper part of the Sava River named Sava Bohinjka. The rafting is 10 km long and starts at one of the largest glacial lakes in the whole country – the picturesque Bohinj Lake. It is located in the only Slovenian national park named Triglav National Park. Bohinj is surrounded by the Alps — the views are breathtaking!

Rafting in the Soča River is a must-do in Slovenia. The raft is also easy, eight kilometers long. It is claimed that Soča is the most beautiful river in the whole country, or even around Europe. The canyons carved by the flowing water are really impressive. In combination with the crystalline water and the green surroundings, the Soča Valley looks like a magic land from a fairytale.

Rafting Soča

Other adventures

As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience”. For sure, canyoning and rafting are rich experiences. However, If you want to try and taste other adventures, you are welcome to check our exciting selection of Slovenia Activities or head over to Adventure Holidays Slovenia.

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