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No matter the season, there are always places to see and things to do in Slovenia
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Blog Published February 26, 2021
Edited March 28, 2024

Slovenia, this remarkably charming and incredibly diverse destination we love to call home, has a powerful appeal that transcends time of year and even weather. There are always places to see that will blow your mind and things to do that will enrich your body and soul. 

Despite this universality, we know that tastes differ, so we’ve decided to compile all the best activities, holiday options, and top events according to seasons and individual months.  

To navigate smoothly through this lengthy post, feel free to jump to specific points of interest:

Climates of Slovenia by region: Alpine climate | Sub-Mediterranean climate | Continental climate

Weather and things to do in Slovenia by season: Spring | Summer | Autumn | Winter 

Weather and things to do in Slovenia by monthJanuary | February | March | April | May | June | July | August | September | October | NovemberDecember 

When is the best time to visit Slovenia? 

The answer depends on one’s preference, of course, but to give you a clearer overview that will help you plan when is the best time to go to Slovenia, we have broken down the seasons first before moving on to individual months, where the weather, activities, and events will be discussed in greater detail.   

Why? Because Slovenia is among Europe’s smallest yet loveliest and topographically as well as climatically most diverse countries. Traditionally, the country is divided into 4 main physiographic regions which fall under 3 climatic zones that determine the weather. 

The climate(s) of Slovenia by region

Slovenia is a textbook example of a country with a prevailing four-season climate.  

The mountainous parts (north and northwest) are home to a strict Alpine climate, characterized by cold winters and warm summers. Weather-wise, these areas are generally quite unpredictable throughout the year. 

Slovenia’s coastline is dominated by a sub-Mediterranean climate with more steady, warmer weather, which brings mild winters and hot summers, comparable to those of sunny Croatia. However, we shouldn’t underestimate the powerful bora (burja) wind that tends to sweep across the Karst region all-year-round. 

Central, north- and south-eastern Slovenia have a typical continental climate with chilly winters, relatively warm yet wet springs and autumns, and hot summers.  

The fascinating thing is that you can experience quite dramatic shifts in weather, depending on the region and regardless of the season.  

The weather and things to do in Slovenia by season

Every season is a season to be jolly in Slovenia.

Like most European countries, Slovenia gets its biggest influx of tourists in June, July, August, and September. It’s when the weather is most favorable, perfect for the widest range of activities, and most convenient to plan your itinerary. But truth be told, Slovenia is the place to be in any season: April, May and October come highly recommended if you want to avoid the crowds, and wintertime is fantastic for snow-related pastimes and Christmas festivities.  


(March to May)

In terms of weather, the codename for spring in Slovenia is “unpredictability”. Although certain activities like sightseeing, hiking (and even occasionally skiing) are doable in early spring, rainfall, windy spells and cooler days reign over most of the country until mid-April. 

Late spring, on the other hand, is much drier and warmer and is a superb time to start exploring Slovenia’s natural and cultural highlights. It’s when everything is in bloom and hitting the hiking trails or venturing on cycling expeditions in the grand outdoors becomes a must. Water sports, such as rafting, kayaking, and canyoning, are also very attractive on Slovenia’s lush watercourses this time of year.

Springtime offers excellent conditions for holidays in Slovenia. Uncrowdedness, vacant, and more affordable accommodations, combined with warmer weather means the time is ripe to visit Slovenia before the onset of the summery high season. 

What to pack for spring in Slovenia?

With an omnipresent chance of chillier and rainy days, always be remember to pack some warmer waterproof clothing and good quality walking shoes. Especially if you plan on visiting the mountainous region.   


(June until August)

With warm to scorching weather and blue skies invading every corner of the country, summer is when the high peak tourist season in Slovenia is officially open. Besides the occasional summer storm (particularly in August) and the odd shower here and there, the weather is definitely our ally.  

This translates to every aforementioned activity plus tons more becoming available. Popular destinations, like Lake Bled, Kranjska Gora, Ljubljana, Piran, Koper, Triglav National Park, Bovec, etc. become flooded with eager holidaymakers. 

The good news is, even during this busy season and Slovenia’s small size, the masses are still manageable and the natural environment is big enough for you to enjoy your stay without feeling overwhelmed, as is common in other, larger European countries. 

End of June and early July also happen to be the perfect time to ascend Slovenia’s highest and iconic mountain – Mount Triglav.   

For greater mobility and a flexible itinerary during summer, travelling around Slovenia in a campervan is certainly an option worth exploring, as is venturing across our southern border for an organised holiday in the Balkans.  

What to pack for summer in Slovenia?

The summer’s rising temperatures allow for T-shirts and shorts, particularly in July and August, but remember to pack a lightweight umbrella and some long-sleeved clothes as well. And remember, the Alpine region has a completely different set of rules. Even in summer, weather conditions in the mountains tend to change in a blink of an eye, so a wind stopper jacket, a few warmer layers and waterproof hiking shoes are obligatory. Plus, don’t forget your sunglasses and sunscreen!   

Summer evenings in Piran


(September to November)

Like spring, autumn is a wonderful alternative to summer’s high season. In early autumn, days are still warm enough for outdoor excursions. As this calmer season progresses, Slovenia’s countryside portrays remarkably beautiful colours. Therefore, the fun list of things to do in Slovenia still stands strong.

Experiencing the diversity and richness of Slovenia is super fun in autumn, with amazing cultural holiday options, while city breaks offer a chance to explore our country’s charming urban areas and their colorful surroundings. 

Autumn in Slovenia also presents visitors with numerous opportunities to indulge in our tasty gastronomy and spoil themselves silly with the finer things in life on exclusive luxury holidays

Although autumn is considered the wettest time of year and November ushering in cold temperatures, for many this season represents the most optimal time for a visit.   

What to pack for autumn in Slovenia?

With every passing day, especially from October onwards, temperatures in autumn decrease significantly, so you will need to pack much warmer clothes. While September still allows for T-shirts and light sweaters, the wetter and cooler months that follow call for jumpers and waterproof coats.

Lake Jasna in Kranjska Gora


(December to February)

In winter, Slovenia is gorgeous. The Alpine region is transformed into a winter wonderland straight out of a story book. Ljubljana, Europe’s cutest capital, becomes a Christmas fairy-tale, adorned with the most magical decorations. Every bigger town sets up a Christmas market, and despite the cold, there’s always plenty of things to do in Slovenia during this festive time.

The mountainous areas are very cold during winter, but that’s exactly how we like them. There are scores of winter activities for everyone to enjoy and an incredibly lush selection of ski resorts offer amazing winter holidays.

Even other outdoor activities are possible during winter, like fishing or going on certain guided hiking trips. For the bravest and physically fit, the possibility of climbing Triglav or scaling its mighty North Face still exists during winter. And it’s breathtaking! 

The coastal parts of Slovenia are very appealing in wintertime, as they exhibit the same Christmassy spirit, but with much milder temperatures. 

The final winter verdict is: Everyone who visits Slovenia during this season will undoubtedly fall in love with the place instantaneously.

What to pack for winter in Slovenia?

Needless to say, the temperatures are cold to freezing in Slovenia in winter, so packing your warmest winter coat is certainly a given. Hats, gloves, scarves and waterproof shoes/boots with good grip are also a very useful addition to your traveller’s wardrobe.   

Magical winter evenings in the mountains

The weather and things to do in Slovenia by month

Slovenia is the flavour of the month. Every month. 

Now that you’re acquainted with our country’s seasons and some fun things to do in Slovenia in each of them, it’s time to dig deeper. 

We are going to present you with a categorical overview of the weather, a list of activities, and interesting events you might want to attend corresponding to each month of the year. 


Weather in Slovenia in January 

The average temperature in this cold month drops to around -2°C (29°F) and rarely rises above 1°C (34°F), and you can expect the air to get as chill as -5°C (23°F) or lower. January is commonly the driest month in Slovenia, although rain or/and snowfall isn’t out of the ordinary.   

Things to do in Slovenia in January 

January in Slovenia can be described in two words: winter activities. As the New Year rolls in, Slovenian ski resorts are in operation mode, level 100! Luckily for everyone visiting this winter wonderland, Slovenian ski resorts are among the best in Europe. Uncrowded, affordable, and exceptionally accessible, these Alpine havens offer a fun time for every type of skier. 

Main events in Slovenia in January 

Skiing isn’t just a national pastime to partake in, January (or early February) is also the month everyone is glued to their TVs or cheering for their favorite wintertime athlete at one of Slovenia’s most important sports events of the year: Women’s World Cup Slalom & Giant Slalom Competition. Appropriately dubbed the “Golden Fox”, the championship, which takes place in Pohorje (a giant ski resort on the outskirts of Maribor), is a long-standing tradition that attracts over 20,000 spectators each year. Maribor, Slovenia’s 2nd largest city, also hosts several concerts and other exciting après ski events. On the other side of the country, the world-famous ski jumping resort of Planica also attracts thousands who come to enjoy World Snow Day


Weather in Slovenia in February 

The last full month of winter sees slightly warmer days than January, but average temperatures still refuse to exceed -1°C (31°F), with highs reaching around 3°C (38°F). Snowfall is still relatively common, especially in the mountainous region of the Alps as well as the eastern and south-eastern parts of the country.  

Things to do in Slovenia in February 

The ski season doesn’t let up in February. In fact, it’s in full swing, with tourists and locals hitting Slovenia’s stunning slopes like mad. Besides classical skiing, cross-country trails near the winter hub of Kranjska Gora are awesome, while Pokljuka, a magical high mountain plateau in the foothills of the Julian Alps, offers a traditional sport called snowshoeing. And don’t forget about our highest mountain Triglav and a chance to do some ice climbing up a frozen waterfall to get your adrenaline pumping.  

Main events in Slovenia in February 

February is as busy as it is cold. It’s when Pokljuka hosts its annual Biathlon World Championship, and on 8 February, it’s National Day of Culture, when Slovenia celebrates its most renowned poet, France Prešeren, author of the country’s national anthem. On this day, museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions are entry-free, so if you’re in Ljubljana or any other bigger town at the time, do make sure to visit at least a couple when on your holiday in Slovenia. 

Old pagan rituals are also very much alive in February. Slovenia’s original Halloween-style masquerade called Pust is happening throughout the country. The biggest and most colorful carnival town of Ptuj marks Shrovetide, the ancient Slavic carnival Kurentovanje, a rite of spring and fertility. A similar folkloric event is held in the cozy town of Cerkno, where masked locals chase down and execute the Pust, representing winter and the old year.


Weather in Slovenia in March 

The winter temperatures slowly start to subside as Slovenia tips into March. Average temperatures get up to about 3°C (38°F), but can exceed 8°C (46°F) by the end of the month. The average lows gravitate towards the 1°C (31°F) mark. Inland parts of the country often get a good portion of rain.

Things to do in Slovenia in March 

With the melting away of winter (if the pagan masks did their job right) the ski season begins to follow suit and give way to leisurely urban-based activities. That, however, doesn’t mean there aren’t any possibilities left to indulge in snowy fun. As an exemplary Alpine capital, Ljubljana itself is located very close to the Krvavec ski resort, which promises great skiing well into March. The milder weather also gives you a chance to explore Slovenia by joining exciting day trips to various parts of the country and visit Slovenia’s main landmarks, practically void of tourists.  

Main events in Slovenia in March 

Nope, we’re definitely not done with skiing quite yet. Slovenia’s number-one downhill ski event – the Vitranc Cup – takes place at Kranjska Gora in early March and is worth attending. Staying near Kranjska Gora, Planica to be exact, ski jumping fans will love to learn that the Ski Jumping World Cup Finals are also organized in March. And the atmosphere at this event, held there since 1934, is truly unbelievable.


Weather in Slovenia in April 

The first proper month of spring has arrived! Average temperatures linger at around 7°C (45°F), but this statistic includes the Alpine uplands, so expect considerably higher temperatures that can easily exceed 15°C (53°F) on a sunny day. A slightly wetter month than March, April can still get chilly in the evening, so make sure you pack some warmer layers when visiting Slovenia.  

Things to do in Slovenia in April 

Although the weather isn’t very predictable, April in Slovenia still promises its fair share of activities. Destinations like our charming capital Ljubljana and its surrounding area offer plenty of things to do. If it starts to drizzle, you can always pop into a museum or try some authentic local cuisine on a food tour. The same goes for other popular destinations, like Bled or the much warmer coastal towns of Piran and Koper, or you can go on a bike ride through the vineyards. When climbing up mountains isn’t yet advisable, you can always go underground and join a caving tour of one of Slovenia’s hidden subterranean gems or visit their famous counterparts Postojna Cave or the UNESCO protected Škocjan Caves

Main events in Slovenia in April 

When visiting Slovenia in April, keep in mind that many people take the opportunity to travel around the time of the Easter holidays, so expect things to be booked or closed during that time. Slovenia’s oldest town of Ptuj hosts an annual medieval market called St. George’s Fair. Just outside Ljubljana, the Volčji Potok arboretum invites you to visit its Horticultural and Handicraft Fair, Slovenia’s largest flower and gardening show. To satisfy your sweet tooth, we recommend you pop round to the medieval town of Radovljica, which organizes its delicious Chocolate Festival, with cooking demonstrations, workshops, and tastings.


Weather in Slovenia in May 

May is nature in Slovenia starts to show off its magnificent colours and the weather tempts us to spend our days in the fresh air, which now has an average high temperature surpassing the pleasant 21°C (69.8°F) and the average lows rarely drop under 11°C (51.8°F). Rainfall is only a tad higher compared to April, but most parts of the country already see regular bursts of sunshine and blue skies.   

Things to do in Slovenia in May 

Slovenia in May signals the start of the season for most sporty pastimes, and active holidays become extremely tempting. Every part of Slovenia’s diverse countryside and unspoiled corners of its natural world are begging to be explored. Heading out into the Slovenian beautiful outdoors for some hiking or biking adventures is arguably the healthiest and most fun thing you can do when staying on the Sunny Side of the Alps. The 1st of May holidays are also the perfect excuse to go on a lovely family holiday to Slovenia. With the entire country now at your disposal and the weather most favorable, we recommend you take full advantage of the pre-peak season and see as much Slovenia in May as you can by going on day trips or engaging in a host of other thrilling activities that will introduce you to super interesting aspects of our country. 

Main events in Slovenia in May 

The Alpine region is simply breathtakingly beautiful this time of year. Get a glimpse into the colourful botanical riches of the mountains by visiting the International Wildflower Festival in Bohinj. The festival also includes nature excursions, workshops, art exhibitions and music events. If you’re feeling up for some heart-warming melodies and funky beats, the vibrant city of Ljubljana organises a fantastic music festival called Druga godba that you shouldn’t miss out on. Ljubljana is packed with things to do in May, including going for a “Walk along the Wire”, which is an annual event commemorating the occupation of Ljubljana in WW2. The 35-km circular path takes you all around our picturesque capital. 


Weather in Slovenia in June  

Hurrah, the first month of summer is here! The sun is out and you can expect the weather to be very warm, with average high temperatures lingering at around 24.6°C (76.3°F). Late June sees temperatures rise towards the thirties, particularly in lowlands and the coastal areas of the country.

Things to do in Slovenia in June 

With summer well on its way, the things to do in Slovenia in June multiply. The country is officially open for business. And by business we mean every activity and holiday you can imagine. If you’re an active type of holidaymaker, you certainly won’t be sitting still in Slovenia in June. You can get an epic dose of nature and recreation by opting for a walking holiday in the Alps, hitting the single trails of Slovenia on an awesome mountain biking holiday, discovering the country’s highlights on a long road cycling holiday, or ascending Mount Triglav and exploring the Triglav National Park prior to the mass invasion of tourists. Before the summer holidays trigger a flood of holidaymakers that visit or pass through Slovenia in July and August on their way to the south, Slovenia in June is also excellent for a campervanning road trip holiday to any part of the country or joining an all-inclusive adventure holiday.  

Main events in Slovenia in June 

The glorious month of June is also among the top months to visit Slovenia with the chance to catch some incredible events. Professional and recreational cyclists can take part in the annual 156-km Franja Marathon. Maribor hosts the internationally acclaimed two-week-long Lent Festival that features performers in various disciplines and genres from all over the world. Ljubljana is also exceptionally lively in June, with its cool Jazz Festival, and so are other towns around Slovenia: Bled hosts the International Rowing Regatta and a wonderful Medieval Days at Bled Castle festival, while Idrija invites you to observe its ancient traditions at its annual Lace Festival.


Weather in Slovenia in July  

July is the warmest month of the year, with temperatures in the range of an average low of 15.5°C (59.9°F) and an average high of 27.3°C (81.1°F). But expect these to exceed the thirties on a daily basis, especially at the coast and other low-lying areas. The Alps are generally much cooler, but still promise very warm weather with less rainfall than other months. 

Things to do in Slovenia in July 

This scorching month calls for some more refreshing activities, which include rafting, kayaking, or fishing on Slovenia’s pristine rivers, going caving in the underground, or canyoning in cool gorges. Sightseeing in the capital and its wild surroundings can be done in numerous ways: paddle-boarding down the Ljubljanica River, exploring Ljubljana by bike,  admiring the city from a hot air balloon, or even going on a horse riding adventure

The long hot days in Slovenia in July are perfect for hiking trips in the Alps or longer walking holidays in the most inspiring locations, as well as awesome active holidays at Lake Bled or Kranjska Gora. For those without a fear of heights, Lake Bled and the breath-taking Alps can be viewed from the air by going paragliding or ballooning

Main events in Slovenia in July 

As is expected for summer, July in Slovenia promises tons of super fun events. The Ljubljana Festival and Bled Festival invite visitors to enjoy a wide variety of highly entertaining shows. The tiny town of Laško organizes the very popular Beer and Flowers rock festival. In the Alpine region, the Bohinjska Bela hosts its traditional St. Margaret’s Fair, where arts and crafts are presented. If you want to watch a movie in a slightly different and very romantic way, you can do so at the Ljubljana Castle’s Film Under the Stars. The capital also comes alive with the Ana Desetnica Street Theatre Festival with a host of cool performances. 


Weather in Slovenia in August  

August is another very warm and busy month in Slovenia, with average temperatures ranging between a max of 26.7°C (80.1°F) and min 15.2°C (59.4°F) in the mountains. August is a slightly wetter month than July, especially in the Alps, but generally speaking, sunny days are still out in full force.

Things to do in Slovenia in August 

Slovenia in August simply demands active holidays with tons of outdoor activities. With the tourist season in full swing (including our Italian neighbor’s Ferragosto), private tailor-made holidays and Slovenia Private Tours are a fantastic way to visit specific locations while circumventing the crowds. 

Cycling in all its forms is also a wonderful idea: from day-long biking tours, to road cycling and MTB holidays. If you want to escape the heat, stretch your legs and take in the most scenic sights of Slovenia’s mountains, a traditional hut-to-hut hiking tour or the Triglav Seven Lakes hike should be right up your alley. When it’s time for a refreshing change while staying in one of Slovenia’s lovely urban areas, a day trip from a list of incredible options is just what you need. 

Main events in Slovenia in August 

August is packed with outdoors events and super entertaining shows. The Radovljica Music Festival is the oldest festival of early music in Slovenia, featuring traditional folkloric and medieval music compositions. To taste some amazing wine and local cuisine, a trip to the Karst region promises the scrumptious Teran and Prsut Festival, while the Venetian style coastal town of Piran hosts the Tartini Festival, dedicated to the violinist Guiseppe Tartini with a fabulous program of classical concerts.  


Weather in Slovenia in September   

As the hot summer slowly succumbs to autumn, September is still a relatively warm month with average high temperatures lingering at an agreeable 21.6°C (70.9°F). September is the wettest month in the mountainous regions, where temperatures tend to drop dramatically, while the coastal areas witness an increase in rainfall. 

Things to do in Slovenia in September 

Although the weather has started to cool, the most popular outdoor pastimes are still very much alive and available. As the peak season of summer subsides, Slovenia in September becomes incredibly suitable for nice all-inclusive family holidays. The calmer coastal parts are inviting for a family holiday at the seaside and the less crowdy Alpine sports hub of Kranjska Gora screams active family holiday. Quieter September presents you with an excellent opportunity for a Balkan holiday or a luxury holiday in the most idyllic parts of Slovenia.

Main events in Slovenia in September 

For wine lovers, Slovenia in September presents the Old Vine Festival in Maribor, a classic  culinary-wine-cultural festival and the largest tourist event of its kind in autumn. In Ukanc, near Lake Bohinj a fun procession of decorated cows, accompanied by traditional alpine sports, dancing, music and costumes can be enjoyed at the Cow’s Ball festival. 


Weather in Slovenia in October   

Prolonged periods of warm weather are long gone by October, as autumn descends onto all parts of Slovenia. Average temperatures decrease to lows of 9°C (48°F). The average highs also lose their potency at a significantly cooler 13°C (56°F). On average, October is on one of the wettest months, especially along the coast. But don’t worry, Slovenia in October tends to still have quite a few sunny days up its sleeve. 

Things to do in Slovenia in October 

As nature is wrapped in beautiful autumn colors, Slovenia in October invites visitors to spend their time here in the pretty outdoors. This amazing palette added to Slovenia’s magnificent diversity can be eternalized on a guided photo holiday. Touristy hotspots like Ljubljana, Bled, and Koper represent very convenient springboards for day trips. Without the scorching sun, yet frequent nice days, rock climbing and thrilling via Ferrata routes become quite tempting this time of year. Throwing on some warmer layers and venturing into the wild on a truffle hunting expedition or a bear-watching adventure is always highly enjoyable.   

Main events in Slovenia in October 

After spending a fulfilling day in the outdoors, it’s time to relax and watch a good movie at the Festival of Slovenian Film. For athletes and spectators alike, the Ljubljana Marathon is another highlight in Slovenia in October, and for a dose of culture, the Maribor Theatre Festival has you covered.  


Weather in Slovenia in November   

This transitional months between autumn and winter is certainly less attractive than October, with average temperatures lingering at around 3°C (38°F) with average highs of just over 6°C (43°F) and lows dropping down to 1°C (33°F). But Slovenia in November offers much more than fog, rain and chilly temperature… 

Things to do in Slovenia in November 

Besides making the most of the uncrowded popular destinations, November is time to enjoy some cozy indoor activities. There some great wine tasting options in Ljubljana and Bled where you get to taste exquisite wine from the top wine-growing regions of Slovenia. Foodies are welcome to join a food tour (Ljubljana and Bled), try some high-end Slovenian delicacies in the heart of the capital city, have dinner in the dark (a very interesting experience indeed), pour some top-quality beer down your throats in the company of likeminded people at a beer tasting event, or test your skills at making authentic Slovenian dishes at a cooking class.

Main events in Slovenia in November 

This month is marked by St. Martin’s Day – a nationwide celebration of wine on 11 November when mošt (fermenting grape juice) turns into new wine and every town and village in Slovenia toasts to good times ahead. 


Weather in Slovenia in December   

And we’ve come full circle! The relative dullness of November now over, it’s time to usher in jolly old December. Although the average high temperatures steep down to 2°C (36°F) and lows can get lower than -3°C (27°F), Slovenia in December is magical and should be enjoyed inside and out. 

Things to do in Slovenia in December 

With low temperatures sweeping in, snowfall is on the horizon, and with it wintertime activities! As mentioned in the other winter months, Slovenia’s ski resorts promise outstanding snow-based thrills. From short ski breaks or adventure winter holidays to extended ski holidays in the Julian Alps or a resort hopping holiday around the best locations in Slovenia – December is one big frozen joyride. Adrenaline junkies can head off the beaten track with a combination of hiking and skiing on ski touring adventures and ice climbing trips, while those who would like to brave the elements and reach the summit of Triglav can do so on an exclusive winter climbing tour.  

Main events in Slovenia in December 

Slovenia in December is a very festive time as Ljubljana and other towns are draped in decorations and put up their Christmas Markets. There are concerts, shows, feasts and general merrymaking everywhere you go. Christmas even visits the Postojna Cave, where a live nativity is organised each year. Lake Bled presents one of its most beautiful legends: the Legend of the Sunken Bell. For sports fans, Planica hosts the Ski Jumping World Championship, and since it’s December, we certainly mustn’t forget about New Year’s Eve. Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, Kamnik, Lake Bled, Kranjska Gora, Koper, Piran, Portož… the list of amazing venues goes on, and so do the milliard of reasons why visiting Slovenia throughout the year should be number one on your wish list! 

Ljubljana in December Lights

We make your visit to Slovenia the best you’ve ever had

Regardless of the time of year, Slovenia is the prettiest country with the most magical diversity in Europe (probably on Earth) and offers a milliard of experiences that will last a lifetime. 

We hope we’ve answered your questions regarding when is the best time to visit Slovenia and what are the top things to do in Slovenia when you get here. 

We at Slovenia Activities, in cooperation with our trusted partners (Slovenia Holidays, Day Trips Slovenia, Triglav Tours & Fishing Guides Slovenia), are a close-knit, hospitable community of local experts whose mission is to support your stay in Slovenia in any way we can. 

Whichever month you decide to visit Slovenia and whatever your holiday preference is, remember: We will share its beauty with you to the utmost. 

Safe travels and may your year be packed with joy!

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