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Canyoning Bled & Bohinj

Tom Smith
Published: 27/02/2021
Updated: 02/28/2021

Slovenia’s most iconic and largest glacial lakes are situated in sublimely beautiful locations and offer visitors tons of fantastic pastimes. Outdoor activities around or on lakes Bled and Bohinj include hiking, cycling, stand-up-paddle boarding, paragliding, kayaking, rafting, and many more. But there is one activity that is particularly interesting due to its rather bizarre yet super fun features that involve a fusion of water sports, hiking, rock climbing with a pinch of abseiling and jumping.

Rappeling down into the pool

We’re talking about canyoning. This unique sport takes you deep into a pristine natural environment of ancient, narrow gorge-like canyons. A combination of ropes and climbing/jumping techniques are used to descend down these time-forgotten gems. The great thing about the sport is that practically anyone with a reasonable level of fitness and no vertigo can do it.

A steep valley stretching between Bled and Bohinj is exceptionally suitable for this type of thrill chasing. Two gorges are located close to one-other – Jereka and Grmečica, make phrases canyoning Bled and canyoning Bohinj synonymous with the region.

In terms of difficulty, the two popular canyoning locations complement each other nicely. Jereka is slightly easier to tackle, while Grmečica is favoured among the more adrenaline-seeking visitors. Both canyoning destinations can be reached via a short, approx. 30-minute hike to the top of the gorge, followed by a 2.5-hour canyoning descent. Both present a superb family-friendly option when vacationing in the area.

canyoning jereka slovenia
Sliding down in Jereka Canyon

As canyoning involves plenty of traversing across slippery boulders and abseiling down vertical walls, the company of a certified guide is obligatory. Your local canyoning expert always provides his group of nature lovers with the necessary knowhow and equipment (helmets, wetsuits, ropes, etc.), so all you really need to take with you on a canyoning trip is a bathing suit, a towel, a change of clothes and the ever-important sunscreen.

Another excellent thing about this activity is that the weather doesn’t have to be perfect. A spot of rain won’t hurt. Besides, jumping into freezing pools in a wetsuit is a refreshing enough experience as it is. Jereka, for example, is usually doable even after a considerable amount of rainfall, whereas Grmečica, on the other hand, has a powerful stream as it is, so following a rainy spell canyoning there may have to be postponed. 

Canyoning grmecica
Jumping in Grmečica Canyon

A predominantly water-based sport that takes place within the chilly confines of a gorge, summer tends to be the most popular time for canyoning, but it can also be extending well into spring and autumn, providing there is not too much melting snow or rainfall that could overflood the gorge. No to worry, your guide always knows when the conditions are safe for a Lake Bohinj canyoning adventure or one found at the doorsteps of Lake Bled. Whether you’re stationed in the Alpine region or travelling from another part of Slovenia (the distances are never long), canyoning is truly an incredible activity that allows you to learn something new and experience the fascinating rock formations up close. And opting for canyoning near Lake Bled at one of the aforementioned locations with a quick detour to Lake Bohinj turns your canyoning adventure into a proper day trip.

Bled and Bohinj area is not the only one suitable for canyoning in Slovenia. An even bigger selection of fun canyons can be found in Soča Valley around Bovec. We have prepared some of the most popular canyoning adventures around Slovenia here.

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